Welcome to

Team Telecom

We pride ourselves on integrity and straight talking in plain English.


what we do

We offer a wide range of communications products and services covering Fixed Line Voice & Data as well as Mobile Voice & Data – increasingly more important and more complex to manage.

Solutions tailored

for you

Our focus is on working closely with customers to understand what their business needs are – and deliver!

Why Team Telecom ?

With almost fifty years experience in telecommunications, Team Telecom have developed a reputation for delivering complex services in a simple & clearly defined way.

How we work

We spend a lot of time and effort to understand what you are trying to achieve, how you want to operate and its value to you and your business. No hollow promises.

Customised solutions

We carry nothing on the shelf. Every solution is as unique as the business it’s designed for. We are vendor independent and guarantee your requirements are met cost effectively.